A platform to centrally manage and update video apps across any device

Massive AXIS is the enterprise-class, cloud-based platform behind today’s leading multiscreen video services. Its sophisticated visual content programming and navigation management tools are paired with powerful scheduling and subscription management features that are all operated from one easy to use interface.

Tweak or completely update the look and feel of apps, by the minute, and without requiring users to install updates. Make light work of complex integrations and benefit from unrivalled off-the-shelf and bespoke, feature rich video applications.

Streamlined Apps, Flexible UIs, Centralized Control

A powerful App management server for real-time UI control, presentation management and content scheduling.

React in Real-time to Audience Testing and Analytics

Sophisticated visual content programming tools for maximizing targeted customer engagement across multiple devices and platforms. Out-of-the-box support for a huge number of multiscreen templates and layouts.

Targeted Experience

Global Navigation Management

Dynamically control global navigation across your apps. Target specific audiences and devices with tailored navigation and featured content.

Smarter Lists

Advanced Rules-Based Feed Engine

Save time by generating smart feeds that combine manually curated and rules-based content. Enrich content discovery by adding themes, images and metadata to existing lists and feeds.

Richer Presentation Control

Schedule more than just your catalogue. Augment scheduled content with editorial imagery, text, and embeddable content. Create and enhance templates through custom properties and features.

Targeted Offer Management

Offer Life Cycle Visualisation

Manage targeted customer offers (by revenue model, device or time) across the entire content life cycle. Consolidate and automatically generate common distributor deal rules during content ingestion.

Flexible Subscription Management

Create and manage subscription plans that align with your revenue models. Dynamically control how plans are marketed. Integrate seamlessly with your preferred payment provider.

Continually build customer engagement across all devices


Multiscreen Presentation Management

Tailor your unique multiscreen content strategy through advanced presentation tools and templates.

Monetise every way

Subscription management, recurring billing, credit card transactions, wallets and vouchers. Integrate with any existing payment provider.

Advanced rules management

Easily configure distributor deal rules for scheduling, playback and device usage. Create advanced content offer life cycle templates for SVOD, AVOD, TVOD & EST.

Insights and analytics

Quickly maximize user engagement and revenue generation through your preferred analytics and reporting providers.

Extraordinary Experiences Across Any Device

Advanced UIs that seamlessly adapt your content (and brand) across smart TVs, game consoles, mobile, tablet, desktop and responsive web. Implemented by our award winning design team, our comprehensive feature set is market proven worldwide to drive customer engagement and revenue.

Effortlessly deliver exceptional customer experiences

Launch Efficiently

Turnkey multiscreen solution that allows you to get to market quickly, with the tools necessary to optimize continually over the long-term.

Enhanced asset & feed management

Implement rules-based targeted offerings through customer and device segmentation. Theme feeds and collections with rich imagery and metadata.

Orchestration & integration engine

Seamlessly integrate all 3rd party vendor workflows through a scalable orchestration engine and extensible data model.

Customer entitlement management

Persistent cloud-based profiles for entitlements, watch lists, resume play and recommendations.

Limitless Integration

A Server-based Solution for Highly Flexible UIs

Massive AXIS is the industry’s first Video App UI Server solution. It enables broadcasters, content owners and operators to deliver video apps that work on any device, with a common UI experience from a unified management interface. Massive AXIS is the flexible, cloud-based platform that integrates all third party system workflows via a scalable orchestration engine.

Integration Partners

Massive AXIS is pre-integrated with third party technology vendors to deliver flexible end-to-end solutions for every video on demand scenario.