Premium multiscreen UI.
Total control.


Extraordinary off-the-shelf and bespoke multiscreen experiences.

Advanced UI templates that seamlessly adapt your content (and brand) across smart TVs, game consoles, mobile, tablet, desktop and responsive web.  Implemented by our award winning design team, our comprehensive feature set is market proven worldwide to drive customer engagement and revenue.

Smart TV





Game-changing tools for service operators.

Content presentation tools to maximise the value of your multiscreen video platform, to optimise customer
engagement and increase ROI through greater control and flexibility.

Smarter Lists

Advanced Rules-Based Feed Engine
Save time by generating smart feeds that combine manually curated and rules-based content. Enrich content discovery by adding themes, images and metadata to existing lists and feeds.

Build & Flex All Pages

Multiscreen Content Programming
Sophisticated visual content programming tools for maximising targeted customer engagement across multiple devices and platforms. Out-of-the-box support for a huge number of multiscreen templates
and layouts.

Target Your Audience

Offer Life Cycle Visualisation
Manage targeted customer offers (by
subscription, device or time) across the entire content life cycle. Consolidate and automatically generate common distributor deal rules during content ingestion.


User Experience & Design


Massive offers a range of design, strategic and technical development services, supported by our team of industry experts in each field.